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Going on a road trip can exciting and a great opportunity to bond as a family when everything goes smoothly.

When it does not, friction can result in strained relations, squabbles can turn into full-blown arguments and the whole road trip can take on the quality of a nightmare never to be mentioned again! By following these simple hints and tips, you can make sure that your travels go smoothly and that only good memories are made.


Plan for the Lowest Common Denominator

When travelling with young children make sure that you take their needs into account. While children of ten or older can easily cope with lengthy journeys and can hold their need for the toilet for a couple of hours at a time, younger children will struggle to, and may become distressed or even soil themselves if forced to sit for too long at any one time. Plan to stop every two to three hours to let small children run around and stretch their legs, have a quick drink or a snack and use the facilities. Have a look at a map before you travel and take note of any good landmarks along the way: by including points of interest along the way you are sure to enjoy the journey more than if you endure a series of identical services.


Emergencies and Just-in-Cases

Carry a little extra cash, make sure you have any medications that might be needed, and ensure that your vehicle is completely roadworthy. Any road trip – even one lasting only a day or two – should begin with a service to the vehicle. The tyres should be checked and the spare inflated and repaired if necessary. There is little more frustrating when travelling than having to sit at the roadside for hours, waiting for assistance, instead of being settled at your destination, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. The mere thought of running out of necessary medications should be enough to ensure that you take more than enough for the time you will be away. While some medications can be delayed or skipped for a day or two; asthma, diabetes and other potentially life-threatening conditions should never be second-guessed. If you or a family member has a serious condition of this nature, it may even be worth your while to source a local doctor in case of a medical emergency while you are away from your regular physician.



Food, food and more food!

Take snacks along with you. Even if you are planning on eating out, or stopping to buy food when you need to, it is best to take some of your favourite foods along with you. This will serve as a stopgap in case you cannot find somewhere to buy food, which will help to keep tempers cool and nerves un-frayed.



Pack Your Sense of Humour

This is more than a flippant reminder to expect the worst while hoping for the best when on the road. Actively trying to keep a cool head and see the humour in every situation can help you to enjoy any trip, glossing over and diminishing any blips that might otherwise turn into trip-ruining annoyances.


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