October 26, 2015 at 10:35 AM

The car could be compared to your home. It can be viewed as extension of yourself, your personality and forms an essential element of your daily life.

Similar to the home, the car must also be kept tidy and clean, otherwise it loses its appeal and value. If you neglect to maintain and care for your car, it will suffer greatly and may not even serve you as long as it should. 

At Westwood Car & Commercial, we believe in giving the best information that will make your car experience enjoyable. There are lots of things that you could undertake to ensure that your car is always properly clean and well maintained. 

Below are some benefits of having a well maintained car:

Extends Car Life

Keeping the vehicle clean will not just have it looking new and clean, but will also lengthens its life. Dirt, dust and salt particles that tend to stick to the surface of your car could ruin the paint finish as they encourage rust and corrosion. Frequently washing your car can prevent the accumulation of these corrosive particles and keep the paint finish for longer.

Saves You Money

Dirt and mud stuck under your car adds some extra weight making the car to need more power hence more gas. This is not only restricted to the car exterior, but you should also check inside the car too. Do those items have to be in there really? In case you intend to resell the car, it’s vital that you keep it clean otherwise its value diminishes.

Good for Your Health

A clean and neat car lowers your stress levels, thus keeping high blood pressure at bay. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning the interior of your car not only eradicates dust particles that are harmful if inhaled, but it also removes invisible elements such as germs, mites, and bacteria that are known to stick to the mats and seats of your car. A clean car is certainly good for your health!

Improves Safety

A clean car windshield and windows improve driving visibility. Additionally, when your car headlights and indicators are clean, you become more visible to fellow drivers on the road, particularly at night. Well maintained and clean car parts also perform better and ensure that you remain safe as you drive.

Boosts your Self Esteem

You will for sure not want to be seen driving around in a car that looks beat up. Besides being embarrassing, it could also cause you extra unwanted stress. A nice looking and clean car speaks volumes about the driver.


All things considered, the advantages of maintaining your car by far outweigh the effort and time that it takes you to keep it in excellent shape. Although, it might appear like a big hassle to undertake all the above things, in the end it pays off. Your car will last longer, cost you less to run and perform better. For more tips on car maintenance, visit us at Ash Road , Hartley, Kent, DA3 8EL, check us out at http://www.westwoodcandc.co.uk/ or give us a call on 01474 708299.


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