March 22, 2017 at 10:36 AM

It is the legal responsibility for every driver to be covered by car insurance in the UK. Depending on your age, experience, location and various other factors.

The cost of car insurance can often be surprisingly high, almost too high to be affordable for average people earning an average wage.

If you are worried about the cost of car insurance, then follow these simple steps to try to cut the costs and save some money on your premium.

1. Choose Your Car Carefully

Insurance categories are based on risk factors. For example, a sports car with a large engine will cost more to insure because the likelihood of an accident is greater. If you want the cheapest insurance, then choose a car that is deemed ‘safest’ by the insurance industry standards. And note, in general, used cars are cheaper to insure than brand new ones. 

2. Keep It Safe

Insurance companies will give you cheaper quotes if you are able to keep your vehicle in a safe and secure location, for example, a private garage or a gated driveway. With this kind of protection, your car is less likely to be stolen or damaged, and therefore there is reduced risk of you making an insurance claim.

3. Consider A Black Box

Most insurers offer a black box policy. These involves having a device fitted on your vehicle that monitors the standard and speed of your driving. If you stay within the acceptable boundaries of the policy, then your insurance can be much, much cheaper than for drivers of cars that do not have black boxes.

4. Add A Named Driver

If you are under 25 or have just passed your test, you can enjoy much cheaper insurance quotes if you add a named driver to your policy. Having an experienced driver on your policy gives the companies some peace of mind. Be aware though, that this carries the warning that adding a named driver to your policy in a fraudulent manner is an illegal offence for which you can be prosecuted.

5. Shop Around

Do not be content with accepting the very first insurance quote that you are presented with. If you are searching online, then take a good few days to browse all of the different websites to find the quote that is best for you. A lot of prominent companies rely on their big name to make you think that their quotes are the best, but this is simply not the case. Shop around to save a lot of money.

The more you understand what influences the makeup of your premium, the better you’ll be at finding a decent car insurance quote. 


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