Australians to import cars directly from Japan and the UK

Australian car buyers will make British and Japanese car dealers happy.

Australian car dealers will probably show a grimace of pain following the Federal Government's decision taken to help push prices down.

Australians will now be able to bypass their local dealer and directly import cheaper new and almost new cars from Japan and the UK and will allow drivers to buy a new car once every two years provided it is not more than 12 months old and has no more than 500 kilometres on the odometer.

Changes will apply from 2018 when local car manufacturing will end.

Paul Fletcher, the major projects minister estimate that 30,000 Australians could make use of these new provisions. Also, new imported cars will no longer need to affix an identification plate but be registered on an online searchable database saving the industry about $70 million a year.

Australian Automotive Association CEO, Michael Bradley, stated this was “a big win for consumers and a decision that will open up choice and increase competition within the Australian car market”.

The Government will also change the rules for importing used classic and collectible cars by removing a $12,000 duty previously in place.

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