Drivers spend 44 hours a year searching for a parking space

Britain’s drivers lose 44 hours of their lives and £733 from their pockets every year, just searching for somewhere to park. 

These are the conclusions of a study by research company Inrix, with the costs based on a combination of time wasted, overpayment, fuel spend and parking fines.

The study looked at data from parking locations across the country and also surveyed 18,000 drivers from the UK and elsewhere.


Britain’s worst cities for parking

As you might guess, the figures can soon rise even higher if you spend any amount of time in the nation’s capital. London drivers spend an average 67 hours on parking and an eye-watering £1,104 on average, while other cities do not have it much better. In Belfast, it is 56 hours and £958, and in Leeds, 47 hours and £772.


Damaging Britain’s high street economy

It is not only drivers who are counting the cost of the nation’s parking crisis. For most, the problem concerns finding a parking spot in town centres, and an astonishing 40 per cent of drivers admitted they sometimes give up on the idea of driving into town because it is so difficult to find somewhere to park.


A smart solution

While almost three-quarters of those interviewed said that there is not enough parking available, the fact is that overall occupancy of parking spaces generally stands at about 50 per cent.

So what is the solution? Dr Graham Cookson, an economist at Inrix, suggests that we should look to technology for help. There are already mobile phone apps available that can tell drivers where the nearest car park is, how much it will cost and what hours it is open. For those with the technology in place, the app will also tell you how many spaces are available.

The trick will be to roll this technology out to car parks everywhere. 

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