Porsche Reclaims It’s “King of the Ring” Title Thanks to the 911 GT2 RS

In the comeback of the century, Porsche's new 2018 GT2 RS lapped the Nordscleife course in just 6.47:30 mins. This was a big message and whoever thought that they could steal the "fastest road car on the Nurburgring" title from Porsche, was wrong.

Porsche was once quoted saying that the Nurburgring lap times weren't a top priority on their to-do list. Apparently, this was a lie from the automaker whose head of GT cars have always been regarded as the "Kings of the Ring." In a comeback of the century, the new 2018 GT2 RS made an enormous lap around the ring with 6:47:30 lap time around the Nordschleife course. This was a big message and whoever thought that they could steal the "fastest road car on the Nurburgring" title from Porsche was wrong.

Porsche could not put up with the injustice of seeing another automaker take away their hard-earned record and pride from them.

Another New Record

The 6:47:30 lap time was just a mere 1.4 sec slower than the all-electric Nio EP9 hypercar. According to the Head of Motorsport and GT Cars at Porsche Mr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, the automaker was neither targeting to beat their own 918 Spyder hypercar's 6:57:0 lap times nor setting a new record. However, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS monster happened just to do so beating the lap time of the famous 918 Spyder by more than 10 seconds.

  1. Frank attributed their credit of beating the set targets to their development engineers, mechanics, and drivers who have been working exceptionally hard to ensure that the dream becomes a reality.

McLaren P1 LM Still the King of Road Legal Rear-Wheel Drive Car

On the other hand, the overall record for a road-legal rear-wheel drive car is still being held by the McLaren P1 LM which recorded a lap time of 6minutes and 43seconds at the Green Hell at the beginning of this year. The McLaren P1 LM is a road-legal version of the most track-focused 986bhp P1 GTR.

During the race, Porsche had two cars in the ring. The first car was driven by test driver Lars Kern while racing driver Nick Tandy took control of the other one. Of the two, it was Kern who set the fastest time.


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