Self-driving cars must be covered by insurance.

Self-driving car

The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill (VTAB) sets a new framework to expand the duties of insurers alongside adding new considerations on technologies.

The VTAB (available here) will apply in England, Scotland and Wales.

The main element is the notion of insurance cover for autonomous vehicles, however, two exemptions are made

  1. If a vehicle's owner has made unauthorised changes to the car's software or fails to install an update that their policy requires them to, then they become liable.
  2. The Department of Transport will determine which cars will be classed as self-driving and become subject to the requirements.

The law also covers other measures such as:

  • Compelling petrol stations and large retailers to offer electric power charging points
  • Requiring car charging point operators to publish details of their prices, locations and opening hours as well as details of which equipment is in working order
  • Instructing charging point operators to make sure the kit meets certain specifications to ensure it is compatible with a wide range of cars and is resilient to hack attacks

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future!

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