The Chancellor's Crusade Against Motorists...

37% that's the figure!


37% of what? Basically, these 37% correspond to the DfT cut in budget.

Although the budget will be cut from next year the spending will be increased by 50%.

So how will DfT handle this massive cut in budget. Well, if you are living in London most likely your Oyster card will become extremely expensive as TfL subsidy will be wiped out.

Also the new Road Tax will be implemented offering way less subsidies for "Clean Cars"

In the meantime the Costly HS2 project will be realised cutting massively the amount of money available for DfT (over £50bn project) almost as much as 5-years of road spending.

Meanwhile our road infrastructure would need huge improvements. Especially in the case of A-class and B-class roads.

Another interesting factor is that for with roughly the same budget spent on roads (72bn € over 5 years), France has a much better road network. So, what shall we conclude about it?

Is DfT really efficient and will the new cuts to its budget reduce even more its efficiency? One final question, will we end up driving 4x4 because cuts have been pushed too far?

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