Uber aiming to launch flying car in 2020

Uber has announced more details of its flying taxis, which they hope to launch in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles by 2020.

Uber is hoping it will be able to launch flying cars in the form of its UberAIR service by 2020, with a commercial service to follow in the following years. 

Having already made agreements to run in Dallas and Dubai, the vision for the firm - revealed in a new video, is that customers would request UberAIR in the company's app, head to the roof of the nearest tall building, pass through a turnstile to access the roof, and a piloted white helicopter-drone hybrid would whisk up to four passengers away to their destination - at a ground speed of up to 200mph. 

There is no surprise that launching a completely new method of transportation has its challenges including considerations for local air traffic control, negotiating suitable routes, and addressing noise pollution concerns, and of course, sourcing a fleet of flying cars. However, much like Uber's current business model, they are not looking to build their own vehicles or hire air traffic controllers - instead, acting more as a catalyst. 

“UberAIR will be performing far more flights over cities on a daily basis than has ever been done before,” the company's chief product officer, Jeff Holden acknowledges. “Doing this safely and efficiently is going to require a foundational change in airspace management technologies.” 

It's looking like the first flights will operate on set routes, with users responsible for making their way to the UberAIR pick-up point and away from the drop-off point to reach their final destination. Whilst Uber is working with aerospace partners who are assisting with the technical challenges of building a passenger drone. 

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