Volvo to introduce new safety technologies by 2020

Here are 8 new technologies that could save lives and change our relationship to cars

Pedestrian Detection

A bunch of sensors will prevent you from colliding with a person. If your reaction time is expected to be too long the car will take over and automatically brake.

Cyclist Detection

Cyclists can be a nightmare in most cities as most do not respect the Highway Code the way cars do. Volvo will therefore integrate a cyclist detection feature to notify you or take the appropriate measures to avoid any collision


Animal detection

In case you live in a rural area, this feature could save your car and if you live in India it could save your Karma as well as you from getting into serious trouble


Outside Airbags

An important feature if you still hit someone, this pillow airbag could be amazingly useful.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control will allow your vehicle to maintain security distances and prevent any collision. Do not worry, the system still allows you to overtake people.


Lane assist

Sometimes we can deviate from our lanes if we are disturbed or distracted by something. This system will correct your trajectory automatically


Object Collision avoidance                                                                 

Objects collision avoidance will also avoid you scratching your car's paintwork.


Cross traffic Alert

When exiting a parking slot, despite being as cautious as possible accidents can happen, this last technology could avoid having your car boot shortened


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