Will private cars be banned from major UK cities?

Measures are taken to limit as much as possible the amount of cars in London. Will we end up in a full car ban?

Over the past years, car owners have been constantly stigmatised as polluters.

Measures such as the Congestion Charge or the Dartford Crossing charge have proved their uselessness but still are in place. Have drivers become the milking cow of awful local governments incapable of making decent urban planning plans?

Meanwhile heavily subsidised, profit-hungry bus companies and black cabs are welcomed it seems that private cars are the filth of major UK cities. If we have a quick look they are the biggest polluters a black cab has an official CO2 figure of 233g/km (that's as much as a Porshe Boxster) and a official consumption levels of 32MPG (slightly more than Volkswagen Tiguan). 

In addition, let's be honest TFL is neither the most advanced nor the most reliable urban transport organisation in the world. Constant breakdowns or delays, strikes, no aircon in the majority of trains, overcrowded trains and buses, and no phone network in the underground are only some of the issues that make us take our cars!

What about the congestion charge effect?

Many supporters claim "Yes, it will stop!" however they also claimed the congestion charge would help reducing the traffic... as a matter of fact it was an economical success generating over £2.6 billion in gross revenue between 2003 and 2013 but it is a fiasco in terms of congestion reduction by removing road capacities and reaching the same levels if not more of pre-charging times.

What would happen if a full ban was imposed?

Most likely, that would create a lot of problems! If we consider London, the public transport system is already running at full capacity. The trains in and out of the city are running full during rush hours. We can then hypothesise that the whole transport system of the capital would collapse due to its latent incapacity to absorb those added users unable to use their cars. Also, traffic jams would not include any more private cars but only black cabs, buses and private hires.

Lots of our "smart" politicians say it works well in Stockholm, two elements they forget to mention are the difference in populations are the size of the urban area. Stockholm is 147 Sq. Miles, London is 671.00 Sq. Miles and Stockholm population is 7 times smaller than London's. As you can see that's "intelligence at its peak"

To conclude, a full ban seems unlikely, if it still happens we should probably wish a good luck to urban planners that will have to clean the mess left by this choice.

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