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Are you planning to take the family on holiday in the near future? Perhaps you have to attend a business meeting that is hundreds of kilometres away. In either case, you will need to consider a few different factors to make certain that the excursion goes and planned and that there are no unexpected surprises. Let's take a quick look at some sure-fire tips when travelling far from home.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Never assume that you are always going to arrive at a certain location exactly as planned. In other words, take into account that there may be delays along the way. Examples here could be traffic, road construction or poor weather conditions. So, take a look at the total expected travel time. Then, add between 30 and 45 minutes to this sum. Getting into this habit will allow you to be prepared for any contingencies and if you find that you are indeed ahead of schedule, there is nothing wrong with taking a slight detour and seeing the countryside. This can help you to have an enjoyable and stress-free trip.

Look at Your GPS System

Modern vehicles truly represent the lap of luxury and thanks to innovative technology, the chances are high that your car is equipped with a built-in navigation system. Still, never rely upon this unit alone. Enter in your destination before you ever leave home. Take a look at the projected route and compare it to online maps or even a pocket atlas. There are inevitably times when even the most advanced GPS systems fail to realise the quickest means to get from point A to point B.

Pick Out Landmarks

Keeping one eye on the GPS system alone during your journey is akin to flying on radar alone. This is especially the case if your route takes you through a region that you are not familiar with. So, do a bit of online research and look at the landmarks that you will pass along the way. These may not always be large buildings or monuments. It is more likely that any landmarks will be in the form of national parks, exit ramps, massive interchanges or nearby towns. 

Check Your Vehicle Before You Leave

Above all, make sure that your vehicle is in proper working condition. Are the headlamps and brake lights functioning as they should? Are vital fluids all topped up? How many kilometres has it been since your last oil change? Is your battery fully charged? Is the tread on your tyres excessively worn? This are all important variables that will make sure any trip is safe and pleasurable.

Although all of these tips may appear to be common sense, you would be surprised at how many families and individuals begin their journey completely unprepared for the unknowns that may be found just around the next turn. Keeping these suggestions in mind will ensure that even the longest of journeys is safe, pleasant and relaxing. 


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