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Cars are an important social status indicator and brands or models can often be associated with lifestyles let’s see 10 of them.

Supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini…)

These cars are the symbol of incredible success; they’re the cars of those who live the High Life. Usually owned by successful business owners without families they reflect their quick professional success. Quite often their owners buy them to release the pressure from heavy workloads while driving. If you go to London, these cars are often seen in areas like Mayfair or the City and will be driven by fancy 30 year old men in tailored suits or by heirs of the World’s richest families. This type of car is usually a physical demonstration of their Ego.


Luxury Cars (Rolls-Royce, Bentley…)

These are an excellent status car, beautiful but not show off, distinguished cars for well-established businessmen. Their traditional owners are usually  successfully established business owners in their 40’s who just want to drive comfortably; it can also be a person who employs a chauffeur because they are too busy to focus on the driving. It is usually associated with people who have succeeded and received a good education.


Executive Cars (Mercedes E, BMW…)

The car of directors, these types of car are usually the status car of Directors and Managers of big companies. They usually are owned by business people in their late 30’s and demonstrate a certain success in their professional environment that requires them to demonstrate it.


Cabriolet (Mercedes  SL, BMW M Series…)

Traditional type of cars for young and single successful business people, they are generally a leisure car for when they go out and about on weekends or holidays. They are usually a representation of a pleasant work/life balance as well as the beginning of a status representation. You can often see mid-30’s people driving them.


SUV/4x4 (Freelander, Touran, Jeep)

People who own SUVs/4x4 are actually the most different; three main categories can still be distinguished as there are many different types of 4x4/SUVs.

1st case:  The “Road Boss”, you can usually recognise this type of owner very easily on the road. They have a big car and drive recklessly with it. They think they own the road and despise people with smaller cars almost to the point of causing accidents with them on purpose.

2nd case: The “Explorer”, this type of driver owns a 4x4 because they like to go off-road; they’re usually fond of the outdoors and are very prudent as they know that a simple mistake can lead to great consequences.

3rd case: The “Worker” it’s the driver that uses their 4x4/SUV for their business, in general they are a careful driver who just wants to their job and who needs to carry a huge amount of supplies and equipment to accomplish his job.


Station Wagons (Laguna, 307SW)

Usually, the owners of these cars have families with young children and sometimes pets. Station Wagons are definitely the Family Car: large boots, heavy load capacity, decent engines, wide interiors they are particularly convenient especially if you have to carry around strollers and baby beds.


People Carriers (Voyager, Sharan, Espace…)

The usual owners of these types of vehicles are often large families, equipped on average with three rows of seats, they perfectly accommodate a family of up to 8 members and sometimes even a couple of dogs.


Hatchbacks (Fiesta, Mazda 3, Fabia)

A smaller version of the station wagon, it is the traditional car of young parents who don’t have much money to spend on a car but need one. Also hatchbacks are usually more convenient for those driving in cities as you need less space to park.


City Cars (500, Clio, Mini…)

Small and convenient cars they are everywhere, they are generally the first type of car someone can afford to buy. The type of drivers is very wide; it ranges from the young graduate to the mother taking care of the groceries and the average Joe. These cars are the ones that have the most accidents as their proportion in heavy traffic areas is simply huge.


Hybrids (Prius…)

For this type of car you have two main drivers, the 1st is usually the money-saver, they bought an hybrid even though it was more expensive because they know that in the long run it will be cheaper and it avoids expensive road taxes.

The 2nd type of customer is the eco-responsible driver, even though it is the smaller part of users it is the fastest growing segment. This driver wants to reduce their carbon footprint as well as doing their part for the planet.



This article is now over, feel free to comment and share it. Reader’s discretion is advised as this post neither considers all drivers nor subjective elements such as personal feelings towards a car, but it’s just speaking about daily observations. This article does not necessarily reflect the views of Westwood Car & Commercial.


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