February 25, 2016 at 3:25 PM

These days so many people are flying everywhere that you could think the classic road trip has become a thing of history. Actually, this is not the case.

What is killing the road trip is monotony and lack of excitement. You can still take that long road trip and have real fun doing some unusual things here and there. 

Yes, it is possible to see your road trip turn into hilarious saga of driving and enjoyable wandering if you follow your wild side and simply have fun. 


Bring along a Real Physical Map

For driving directions, Google Maps is certainly great, but it’s definitely more fun when you are tracking your road progress on a printed out, real atlas/map. Try tracing your route on that atlas as you move and then hang it up back home to give you that nostalgic smile every day when you look at it.


Follow those Weird Billboards

Nothing could be more interesting than deciding on impulse to follow some of those weird sounding billboards by the roadside. You know, the kind that entices with the “Free Chocolate Samples” or something equally intriguing. Some of these place are not creepy at all, they could be quite cool and rewarding. You will be surprised to discover they offer unique specialities not seen in those huge city outlets.


Don’t be too Rigid with Your Planned Stops

Expectation is what cripples the happiness of many road trippers. When on a road trip, always remember that your schedule has one more room, therefore you can glide into a completely new town or village with absolutely no clue what you’re going to find. The benefits of not knowing what to expect as you enter a new place is that you won’t be carrying any lofty expectations and as such you will not feel let down by the things you discover there.


Bring some Drinks and a CD Player

It is always great idea to have some drinks with you in the car. You never know that moment when an awesome and beautiful roadside scenic site or sunset will call for a halt over a drink and some music coming from the CD playing in your car.


Learn to make New Friends on the Go

When at home, you may keep to yourself, but this is certainly not the best thing to do while on a road trip. Ask the staff at the motel for shopping suggestions. Chat up the cashier at the local grocery store. Get bold and plunge into a Frisbee game at the local public park. 

The local people know the area best, and once the ice is broken, they could lead you to some of the best local activities and sites. Ask simple questions politely and you’ll be surprised by their information generosity.


Avoid those Unnecessary Phone Calls

It may be quite tempting to call up friends back home and spice things up, but try and limit those calls and get to really know the people you are travelling with. Simply forget the other side of the planet and soak in the present sights and enjoy the present company.



Keep memories of your awesome road trip. Take lots of pictures! Real pictures with a real camera,not just the kind you take on Instagram. Road trips make the best source for bulletin boards and beautiful scrapbooks once you get back home. Happy road trip!



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